Disruptor 50 2020

13. Heal

Founders: Nick Desai (CEO), Dr. Renee Dua
Launched: 2014
Headquarters: Los Angeles
 $95 million
Valuation: $136.8 million (PitchBook)
Key technologies:
 Artificial intelligence, deep learning, Internet of Things
 On-demand health care
Previous appearances on Disruptor 50 List: 0

George Kavallines

Heal, a six-year-old start-up that combines technology and doctor house visits, has needed to pivot in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than send doctors to users' homes — its original business mode — the company is now using telemedicine to see patients. Only afterward, if deemed necessary, will the company send a doctor on a house call.

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When the company was first launched, the goal was to provide a more humane and convenient option for primary care, especially for folks who found it difficult to get to a doctor's office. The idea has been warmly received. Heal has raised $95 million in funding and is backed by such celebrities as Lionel Richie and former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Celebrity investor Lionel Richie with Dr. Renee Dua (left) and Nick Desai (right), husband and wife co-founders of health care on-demand app Heal.
How a tech start-up backed by Lionel Richie is addressing the Covid-related health crisis in America

For the safety of patients and doctors during the pandemic, all of Heal's appointments are being booked as telemedicine calls. A patient can talk to a doctor from the comfort of their own home through their mobile device or laptop. If a patient needs to see a doctor in person, Heal will use its discretion to book a house call. Without insurance a telemedicine call is $79; a house call is $159.  For those with private insurance, a co-pay varies by plan but is typically between zero and $30. The cost for seniors on Medicare: zero, or a co-pay up to $20.

In September Heal bought Doctors on Call in New York City, marking the company's entry into its largest single city and making its services now available to more than 75 million Americans in Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, New York City, Sacramento, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia.

How Heal is disrupting the healthcare industry
How Heal is disrupting the healthcare industry
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