Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel & Bobby Murphy CNBC Next 25
Benjamin Wachenje

Bobby Murphy

Title: Co-founder and CTO, Snapchat

Born: April 1, 1988, Berkeley, California

Education: BS in mathematical and computational science, Stanford University

Early Marker: Hired Spiegel pre-Snapchat to design an ill-fated online social network inspired by Google Circles.

Big Idea: Snapchat is an ephemeral real-time picture-messaging app wildly popular with 13- to 23-year-olds that is looking for a monetization strategy while getting multibillion-dollar offers from Google and Facebook.

Wave of Future: App economy, ephemeral social media, photo-sharing

Evan Spiegel

Title: Co-founder and CEO, Snapchat

Born: June 4, 1990, Los Angeles

Education: Product design, Stanford University (dropped out)

Early Marker: Hired by Intuit's Scott Cook to work on txtWeb, an Intuit project that broadcasts Web-based information via SMS texts in India, after impressing Cook with a question at a campus guest lecture.

Big Idea: Sees Snapchat as a way for young people to maintain spontaneity of social messaging without having to worry about managing a persistent online identity.

Wave of Future: App economy, ephemeral social media, photo-sharing

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