Meet the 2018 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies

In the sixth annual Disruptor 50 list, CNBC features private companies — from biotech and machine learning to transportation and retail and even exploring outer space — whose innovations are changing the world. These forward-thinking start-ups have not only identified unexploited niches in the market that have the potential to become billion-dollar businesses, a majority of them already are billion-dollar businesses. A startling 33 disruptors this year are unicorns that have already reached or passed the billion-dollar mark.

Unseating corporate giants is no easy feat. But we ranked those venture capital–backed companies doing the best job. In aggregate, these 50 companies have raised nearly $78 billion in venture capital at an implied Disruptor 50 list market valuation of more than $350 billion, according to PitchBook data. Many already are part of our daily lives, whether or not we know it. Read more about the trends that stand out in the 2018 list ranking — from drones and genes to the battles for control in the rapidly growing ridesharing, lodging and cryptocurrency industries — and the methodology used to select this year's Disruptor companies.

1 SpaceX Taking the lead in the new space race.
2 Uber Faring better in the post-Travis era.
3 Airbnb Rewriting the book on bookings.
4 Didi Chuxing How do you say "Uber" in Mandarin?
5 Lyft Sticking to the high road.
6 Grab Just another rideshare unicorn ...
7 23andMe A genetics house call.
8 Udacity Nanodegree your way to a new job.
9 Rent the Runway A closet in the cloud.
10 Coinbase Buy
11 TransferWise Eating up foreign-exchange fees.
12 Oscar Health 200
13 Payoneer Helping companies get paid around the world.
14 SurveyMonkey A way to better answers.
15 Progyny Fertile ground for disruption.
16 Adyen The company that gave PayPal the wooden shoe.
17 TheRealReal What's in your closet?
18 Indigo Agriculture Seeding the world.
19 Ezetap Powering India's cashless revolution.
20 Peloton A new spin on spinning.
21 Ginkgo Bioworks Microbe economics.
22 LISNR No Wi-Fi? No problem.
23 WeWork For when you need some space.
24 Ellevest Wall Street for
25 Zipline International Drones to the rescue.
26 LanzaTech Won't let carbon go to waste.
27 Crowdstrike Into the breach
28 Xiaomi A $100 billion iPhone competitor
29 Flirtey The robot revolution takes flight.
30 Veritas Genetics Your whole genome
31 Houzz Improving home improvement.
32 C3 IoT What are those devices saying?
33 Palantir Technologies They know you
34 Darktrace A digital immune boost.
35 Duolingo How do you say ...
36 Pinterest 100 billion ideas shared.
37 Thinx An underwear innovator takes on Tampax.
38 Robinhood Turning trading upside down.
39 Uptake Big machines break
40 Drawbridge An ad's journey from screen to screen.
41 InMobi A personalized mobile ad experience.
42 Coursera We don't need no formal IT education.
43 Stripe Cracking the code on getting your internet business paid.
44 Illumio We all have vulnerabilities.
45 Fanatics They root for everyone
46 Auris Health A surgical robot pioneer scrubs in
47 Luminar How self-driving cars see around corners.
48 Apeel Sciences The end of rotten food.
49 GitHub The ultimate source for open source.
50 SoFi Yes