The CNBC FA 100 ranking, which takes into consideration a variety of factors beyond assets under management, recognizes those advisory firms that help clients navigate through their financial life.
FA 100

46. Badgley Phelps Wealth Managers

Badgley Phelps Wealth Managers, based in Seattle, WA, is ranked No. 46 on the 2022 CNBC Financial Advisor 100 list. The firm also appeared on last year's FA 100 list.

Total AUM: $4.1B

Years in Business: 56

Accounts Under Management: 2,162

Previous appearances on FA 100 List: 3 (No. 52 in 2021)


Steve Phelps, President, Chief Investment Officer & Wealth Manager

Julie Parisio Roy, Director of Financial Planning & Wealth Manager


1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3200, Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 623-6172