The CNBC FA 100 celebrates the advisory firms that top the list in 2019 when it comes to offering a comprehensive service that helps clients navigate through their financial life.
2019 Financial Advisor 100

FA 100: CNBC ranks the top-rated financial advisory firms of 2019

Finding the right advisor to help with your financial needs and goals can be complicated. There are so many factors to assess. Many advisors will use a high asset under management as a selling point metric when marketing themselves to potential investors. However, AUM isn't the whole story when a potential client is determining which financial advisory firm is right for them.

The CNBC FA 100 celebrates the advisory firms that top the list when it comes to offering a comprehensive planning and financial service that helps clients navigate through their complex financial life.

The CNBC rankings are based on data culled from thousands of advisory firms and provided by AccuPoint Solutions. Factors included in the rankings were disclosures, years in business, average account size, total accounts under management, number of investment advisors, the ratio of investment advisors to total number of employees and discretionary assets under management and total AUM. Each section was weighted according to specific criteria created by CNBC and AccuPoint.

FA 100 2019

Rank Business Name Total AUM (thousands) Years in the Business Accounts Under Management
1Salem Investment Counselors1,356,991401,652
2Montag & Caldwell2,100,41343439
3Dana Investment Advisors5,183,224392,449
4Century Management Financial Advisors1,033,80938913
5North Star Asset Management1,577,049232,062
6NewSouth Capital Management3,683,49834235
7California Financial Advisors1,083,937212,627
8Richmond Capital Management5,506,41832232
9Tom Johnson Investment Management1,191,482283,273
10Richard C. Young & Co.1,004,731291,489
11Sound Shore Management5,104,00741625
12Gamble Jones Investment Counsel1,275,053631,176
13C. S. McKee9,688,44117320
14Carret Asset Management2,474,880152,140
15Gofen & Glossberg4,186,889423,093
16Wedgewood Partners1,595,884311,140
17Agincourt Capital Management6,891,90720348
18Guyasuta Investment Advisors1,310,835251,062
19Diversified Management1,019,999251,498
20D. F. Dent & Co.4,186,401391,076
21Badgley Phelps Wealth Management2,636,477461,614
22Trumbower Financial Advisors1,171,64723790
23Sol Capital Management1,977,29728900
24Luther King Capital Management18,108,390282,679
26Southeast Asset Advisors2,037,28524960
27Loring Wolcott & Coolidge7,242,359192,850
28Ferguson Wellman Capital Management4,965,806433,011
29Roffman Milller Associates1,409,750281,131
30Zemenick & Walker1,746,61121215
31Bradley, Foster & Sargent3,440,594253,185
32Gillespie, Robinson & Grimm1,140,58545687
33GW&K Investment Management36,961,9164537,561
34Pzena Investment Management32,198,19523267
35Cincinnati Asset Management2,622,351287,438
36Eubel Brady & Suttman Asset Management1,132,901251,600
37Parsons Capital Management1,254,130251,567
38Leavell Investment Management1,612,506341,528
39ZWJ Investment Counsel2,062,983301,928
40Lee Financial Co.1,016,117231,646
41Boys Boys, Arnold & Co.1,091,651291,051
42Heritage Investment Group1,137,409181,654
43H. M. Payson & Co.3,640,290302,898
44Everett Harris & Co.6,914,95849598
45Welch Hornsby1,817,958271,759
46David Vaughan Investments2,428,499252,412
47Highland Capital Management5,466,6122143
48Oak Associates1,544,00027106
49Meritage Portfolio Management1,530,433281,228
50Sage Financial Group1,838,269162,880
51Foster & Motley1,302,87821633
52Check Capital Management1,327,738282,355
53The Burney Company1,684,824454,329
55Rembert Pendleton Jackson1,278,185314,438
56Cadinha & Co.1,432,708284,632
57SFMG Wealth Advisors1,312,434203,046
58Clifford Swan Investment Counselors2,775,883104750
59National Investment Services7,223,41825536
60Emerald Advisors2,769,0392751
61Oak Ridge Investments1,250,690292,084
62JMG Financial Group2,674,956342,774
63J. H. Ellwood & Associates1,048,4943719
64Ami Asset Management1,702,861241,308
65Anchor Capital Advisors2,964,915364,668
66Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors2,343,319303,609
67Steele Capital Management1,813,941233,543
68RTD Financial Advisors1,487,44835649
69Fulton Breakefield Broenniman1,124,702282,885
70Segall Bryant & Hamill18,207,528243,141
71Pittenger & Anderson1,479,475241,229
72Sands Capital Management35,387,58013437
73Caprin Asset Management1,304,006221,032
74Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors5,178,35815494
75Summit Financial Strategies1,147,22720764
76Index Fund Advisors3,572,356196,535
77Wescott Financial Advisory Group2,003,142321,937
78Foundation Resource Management1,276,39117457
79Lee, Danner & Bass1,096,41031457
80Pinnacle Advisory Group1,954,332265,994
81Alta Capital Management1,703,254382,591
82Timucuan Asset Management1,662,44618474
83Investment Counselors of Maryland1,807,1991747
84Eagle Global Advisors2,711,41422578
85C. W. Henderson & Associates3,250,874281,233
86Hahn Capital Management1,146,00024132
87Mitchell, Sinkler & Starr1,032,35147438
88Provident Trust Co.2,997,260201,170
89Emery & Howard Portfolio Management1,211,890181,735
90Bahl & Gaynor12,780,022212,299
91Conservest Capital Advisors1,082,48225230
92Northside Capital Management4,124,42017358
93Tower Bridge Advisors1,299,10017904
94Charles D. Hyman & Co.1,082,56720789
95Latash Investments1,085,0211613
96AQS Asset Management2,298,6221510
97Investment Consulting Group1,796,67527157
98Bowen Hanes & Co.2,560,66738223
99Cardiff Park Advisors1,842,940162,140
100E. S. Barr & Co.1,078,16126825

Source: CNBC