The CNBC FA 100 celebrates the advisory firms that top the list in 2019 when it comes to offering a comprehensive service that helps clients navigate through their financial life.
2019 Financial Advisor 100

72. Sands Capital Management

Sands Capital applies a single growth-oriented investment philosophy, rooted in the belief that, over time, stock prices reflect the earnings growth of the underlying business. As growth investors, the firms believes the earnings power of an asset drives value. To create wealth for their clients, the firm concentrates investments in a select number of what they think are high quality businesses that possess the ability to sustainably grow earnings over time.

Total AUM: $35.38B+

Years in Business: 13

Accounts Under Management: 437


Thomas Williams, President

Frank Sands, Chairman


1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 3000, Arlington, VA 22209

(703) 562-4000