The CNBC FA 100 celebrates the advisory firms that top the list in 2019 when it comes to offering a comprehensive service that helps clients navigate through their financial life.
2019 Financial Advisor 100

18. Guyasuta Investment Advisors

Guyasuta utilizes an equity philosophy that focuses on risk management, diversification and the direct ownership of equity securities in order to drive long-term capital appreciation. Through an experienced in-house equity team, the firm conducts its own rigorous analysis of companies and their financial prospects. Guyasuta's fixed-income philosophy is focused on generating a steady stream of income and preserving capital, accomplishing this by building portfolios of individual bonds and focusing on issuers with strong credit fundamentals.The firm conducts its own credit analysis and does not rely solely on credit ratings or insurance.

Total AUM: $1.31B+

Years in Business: 25

Accounts Under Management: 1,062


Henry Beukema, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Foster, President


285 Kappa Drive, Suite 220, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

(412) 447-4560